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About Us

About Us



Annie Wilson (Sales & Marketing Director) is a former Symbol / Motorola employee with 6 years service. Annie managed accessories and batteries sales for 30+ European countries, supporting thousands of customers and partners in the AIDC and printer market. Annie also previously worked at Ryzex PLC as the accessory and battery sales manager for 3 years. Annie brings to the business in-depth knowledge of the battery industry.

Dan Howard (Operations and Logistics Director) has worked in ecommerce and web-design for the past seven years.  Dan's role is to ensure a smooth order process - from order request to delivery receipt, and he is available for any product or service enquires you may have about any of ADD's products.

The ADD Batteries team has over 35 years experience in the AIDC industry, managing mission critical barcoding and printing technology.


ADD Batteries was formed to enable customers in the AIDC and Printer community to maximise efficiencies and productivity of their investment of these devices.

Batteries are the 'engines' that drive thousands of different portable devices. These devices are in virtually every facet of businesses; Security, Transport and Logistics, Warehousing, Retail and Field Service.

Your mobility device stands at the forefront of your business. They help to manage your supply chain and ensure that your enterprise is running as efficiencently and cost effectively as possible. However, if your technology is not operating at it's optimal level of performance then you are not reaping full value from your investment.

Power and battery issues are a very serious problem for manufacturers of portable devices and all the customers that use such devices. Depleted batteries are a common cause of product failure. Many times what appears to be a malfunctioning device may just be poor performance caused by weak or worn battery cells. Without checking the condition or regularly refreshing your battery it may cause:

  • Lost Productivity
  • Increase System Downtime

​Batteries are a consumable item and their age and condition will impact operation of the products they power. It is recommended that all batteries should be replaced approx. 18 months.

       ADD Batteries Ltd  

ADD Batteries is a Value Added Reseller of Global Technology Systems’ world leading GTS Batteries and Genius Batteries product line.

Global Technology Systems is a recognized leader in the design, development and manufacture of the latest technology developments of battery packs, chargers and power management for portable AIDC and Printer devices.

Working with us allows you to leverage our battery expertise and our partner innovative technologies to fulfill the demands of your business needs.