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Want To Sell Used Equipment?

Sell Used Barcode Scanners And Mobile Computers


Have you recently upgraded your equipment?  Do you have equipment that you no longer use?


We can give your equipment a second life - We buy used barcode data capture and scanning equipment. 


What advantages are there for you?

  • Cut the cost of recycling your redundant stock
  • Finance your new equipment with old
  • Maximise your return on investment (ROI) with cash back of your unwanted equipment.


ADD has two different buy back solutions available.


1. ADD can offer a consignment route with a more flexible solution, enabling you to make the most of your redundant hardware and get the best possible prices.  

How it works:

a) Provide specific details to the model and quantities that you wish to sell

b) Send us your equipment

c) We will evaluate the exact contents of what you have sent

d) We will recondition your equipment - test and clean

e) We will get the products into a condition in which it can be sold

f) ADD updates you regularly on the sales made

g) 60% of the sale price will be paid after labor and material costs

h) All monies will be paid 45 days after sale

i) Your equipment remains your property, even if it is in our stock room, until final sale

j) All equipment remaining after 12 months, which has not been sold, you have the option to either collect or pass it over to ADD


2. ADD can offer cash buy back

How it works: 

a) Provide specific details to the model and quantities that you wish to sell

b) Send samples of the products for evaluation

c) ADD offers you the best possible price based on the samples and details provided

d) Once price is agreed, send all devices for full evaluation

e) All equipment will be tested to ensure they are in the same condition as samples

f) All devices which pass evaluation will be paid at price agreed, 45 days after agreement

g) All devices which fail evaluation will be renegotiated or returned


For further information contact or call (+44) 0118 9071491

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