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Buy Refurbished Devices

Buy Refurbished Barcode Scanners And Mobile Computers


We offer a positive, low-cost alternative to the sometimes expensive current and legacy OEM devices. We have partners who specialise in locating and purchasing used barcode data capture and scanning equipment, some of which the OEM’s have long since stopped manufacturing.  

Items that are required can be procured by our vast network of like-for-like dealers both in the USA and across Europe.

Purchasing used equipment can deliver up to 50% off the OEM purchase price.  We have been able to assist our customers by passing on significant cost savings, and allowing some to continue using legacy equipment longer.

Our policy is to sell our stock with a 90-day warranty, having ensured that the functionality of the equipment is as per manufacturer's specification. Using our network of partners, we are able to purchase and sell at the best possible price in the market place, allowing us to pass on the best possible price to our customers.


All the refurbished equipment that you purchase will have followed a precise process:

  • Diagnostic tests are carried out through the specific product categories
  • Repair and replacement of faulty parts
  • Cleaning or replacement of the outer casing, screens...depending upon the product
  • Final Quality testing 

If you have any requirements or need further details, please contact or call (+44) 0118 9071491

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