Customisable Cases and Holsters


Your data capture equipment works hard to keep your business running efficiently. So, ADD Batteries understands that you want to protect your mobile devices from the daily strains of physical use in the warehouse, on the shop floor or out on the road while remaining comfortable and easy to use. 

ADD Batteries can provide a wide range of case, pouches and holsters to suit your business needs. As well as our standard products we can supply bespoke cases; so call us today to discuss your options based on your specific requirements and we can include such options as (but not limited to) the below:
  • Material – fabric, leather or synthetic
  • Plastic Covers – for screens, keyboards etc.
  • Wearability – such as hand/wrist/shoulder straps or pads
  • Functions – added battery pouches, stylus holders etc.
  • And more…

Additionally, if you want create a uniform look for your devices to match those of your workers, ADD Batteries can supply cases designed with your company logo or colour scheme.

Take a look at our online range of cases, pouches and holsters or contact us today and a member of the ADD Batteries team can discuss your options for a customised product based on your equipment, your working environment and quantities required.

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